Foreveryoung Salon & Academy - SharonGül Bektas Özdes

Meet Foreveryoung Studio & Academy, the place where beauty and craftsmanship come together. Led by owner SharonGül and her team of five expert colleagues, they have won international awards and cups for their excellence in Hennabrows and Lashlift.

The team's success is due to their continuous education and following the latest trends, treatments, products and brands. But most of all to their extensive knowledge in the field and the personal attention they give to each client.

At Foreveryoung they work with 100% natural Medex skincare and body products, without parabens or silicones and also animal-free. Here you can get a variety of treatments, from SPMU to facials, massages, laser treatments, teeth whitening and minor brow and lash treatments. Want to learn the tricks of the trade yourself? Then be sure to check out their website for the training offerings or take a look at the online store with a wide range of beauty products.

Stop by Foreveryoung Studio & Academy and experience for yourself the dedication and passion of this talented team!



 Meerstraat 7, 7815 XA, Emmen - NL
 +31 6 424 85 993
 Bezoek website


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