Danique for Beauty - Danique Spruit

Danique for Beauty, the beauty hotspot for the perfect eyelashes, eyebrows and PMU. In 2017, Danique passionately opened the doors of her salon and she has been unstoppable ever since. With her years of experience, training and awards won, she knows better than anyone how to accentuate your natural beauty.

Meanwhile, Danique for Beauty has grown into a successful salon with a large clientele and a team of specialists who each have their own expertise. But it doesn't stop there. Due to the increasing demand for her craftsmanship, Danique now also offers professional training.

Do you want to turn your passion for beauty into a thriving career? Then you've come to the right place with Danique. With her proven methods and personal guidance, you will learn the latest techniques and trends in eyelashes, eyebrows and PMU. For more information, visit her website and make your dream a reality.



 Kleine Noord 10, 1621 JG Hoorn - NL
 +31 6 307 33 697 
 Bezoek website

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