Pastelle Skin Clinic - Rani Van Roey

Pastelle Skin Clinic is the ultimate destination for women who want to enjoy a wonderful pampering moment while improving their skin. Here you have come to the right place for professional and innovative treatments focused on skin improvement, body care and beauty.

At Pastelle Skin Clinic, quality comes first. The treatments are performed by experienced professionals and are all of high quality. The overall experience is profound, relaxing and accessible, allowing you to completely unwind and pamper yourself.

Pastelle Skin Clinic is always looking for renewal and innovation. The range of treatments and products is carefully compiled based on exclusivity, price-quality and feel-good factor. As a result, you are always assured of the best treatments and products to suit your needs and desires. Stop by Pastelle Skin Clinic and step outside with extra confidence and a radiant skin.



 Genenbosstraat 20, 3980 Tessenderlo - BE
 +32 13 304 266
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