The Glamroom - Sarena Ben Bouazza

The Glamroom, founded by owner Sarena, has been building a reputation for five years as a leading clinic in the field of semi-permanent makeup. After years of experience as a beautician and specializing in PMU, Sarena also discovered her passion for teaching two years ago.

At The Glamroom, Sarena is lucky to be able to practice her passion daily and make clients and students happy. She gets immense satisfaction from satisfying her clients and seeing the beautiful transformations she makes possible.

With her wide range of treatments and her ongoing passion for her profession, Sarena continues to challenge and improve herself. Every six months, she completes a new course or specialization, which has led to two professional degrees and dozens of certifications in luxury PMU treatments and skin and body enhancement.

At The Glamroom, honesty and clear communication with the client is number one. Sarena values loyalty and providing the best possible treatments. At The Glamroom, you can rest assured that you will receive the best care and most professional treatments available.



 Heihoevestraat 1A, 3630 Maasmechelen - BE
 +32 489 249 893
 Bezoek website

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