Make-up, Brows & More - Greetje Vandecasteele

Meet Greetje, a true lover of beauty and nature since childhood. In both her online store and physical location, she strives to offer as many sustainable and natural products as possible.

The most important thing for Greetje is that you feel confident and that your natural beauty is accentuated. That's why she always makes sure the permanent makeup looks natural after the healing period.

What really sets Makeup, Brows & More apart is the personal approach and individual advice you receive. At MBM, you will always feel heard. Every Monday night you can chat LIVE with Greetje on Facebook and Instagram, so you can ask all your questions directly to her. In addition, she is happy to offer you an online consultation prior to your permanent makeup or product purchases.

Sustainability, animal friendliness, naturalness and personal attention are at the heart of everything they do at MBM.



 Jozef Hendrickxstraat 12, 2900 Schoten - BE 

 +32 472 382 668

 Bezoek website

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