Kay Beauty Clinic - Kumsal Aykoet

Meet the passionate Kumsal Aykoet, owner of Kay Beauty Clinic since 2016. Fascinated by the world of beauty since childhood, she has found her calling as a PMU artist. Kumsal is not only a master of her craft, but also a sociable person. A good conversation is therefore part of the excellent service she offers.

Thanks to her constant drive to keep improving herself, Kumsal has taken various training and education courses over the years. This has given her a wealth of knowledge and experience that she applies in her salon. Whether you are looking for perfect powder brows, beautiful lip pigmentation or even faux freckles and beauty spots, Kay Beauty Clinic is the place to be! Be sure to visit the website for more information on treatments.
"Quality, perfection and professionalism are my top priorities."



 Jufferenwal 28, 8011 LE Zwolle - NL


 +31 6 403 25 574

 Bezoek website


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