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Dream, work hard, believe and achieve! - this is the philosophy of Kayleigh Devine, owner of Devine Contour. This practice specializes in skin treatments and semi-permanent makeup, such as the popular powder brows, lip pigmentation and deep liner.

What sets Devine Contour apart from others in the field of skin treatment is their strong theoretical foundation of skin therapy. They are thorough in analyzing the root of the problem. This may have to do with the skin itself, as well as underlying issues such as nutrition or stress.

In addition, Devine Contour has also developed its own line of henna products called MyiBrow. Want to know more about these products? Then be sure to visit the website. At Devine Contour, you are assured of high-quality treatments and products, with the goal of bringing out your natural beauty.

"If you understand the basics, you can apply PMU to any skin type."



 Gratenstraat 3, 5801 RX Venray - NL 

+31 6 212 28 159

 Bezoek website


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