About Us

Dmtbeauty, the past, the present and the future.

For years we, as Dmtbeauty, have run a beauty salon in Belgium with great success in the beauty and permanent make-up industry. We noted that the permanent makeup sector is not complete and there is a great demand for order and structure with products for treatments.

On January 1, 2023, we took the step to provide permanent make-up specialists with all products and supplies, so that they can run their salon without any concerns and have everything ready to perform the treatments. We not only have a solution for treatments, but also if you want to teach about permanent make-up as a trainer. This way we provide everything so that you only have to focus on teaching. In this way you completely outsource the organisation of production and supply to us.

All products have been selected for us with the utmost care, based on utility, quality and longevity.

Demet Ozer - Founder of Dmtbeauty

The founder of Dmtbeauty is Demet Ozer. She is a permanent make-up trainer and specialist since 2013. She has studied several techniques worldwide in order to develop the perfect technique for permanent make-up. Demet likes to teach at all levels and to all ages. She looks forward to sharing her love of self-image building and treatments with all students to develop their skills.

"As a specialist who performs treatments, it is very demanding to think about all the requirements for permanent make-up treatments. Often work is done from morning to evening, so there is no time left to do proper research or to track down and test the right products, such as pigments, brushes, tweezers, disposable goods, gloves, masks, pencils, etc.

In addition, teaching pmu is not very easy because a lot of preparation has to be done with all the material for the students. Just think of a course book, notebook, pen, pencil, organization, PowerPoint, a day schedule, certificate, etc. As a result, we want to make the lives of all pmu specialists easier by offering all these processes in a classy and transparent manner."

Demet Ozer