StudioPMU - Ilona Ripperda Groeneweg

At StudioPMU you have come to the right place for the latest techniques in Permanent Makeup and Dermatography. Techniques they perform here are the Soft Powderbrows , Soft Eyeliner and Lip Blush.

At StudioPMU, quality and customer satisfaction is paramount, so they always strive to achieve the best possible end result for you, the client. Let StudioPMU help you enhance your natural beauty with PMU and Dermatography treatments.

"We believe in achieving the most natural result possible, where your PMU can certainly be seen, but does not take the attention away from your beautiful face."




 Roomweg 172, 7523 BT Enschede - NL
 +31 6 573 15 758
 Bezoek website

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