Maaike Cecille Permanent Make Up - Maaike Cecille Zweep

Maaike Cecille Zweep is a PMU artist specializing in eyebrows, lips and eyeliner. After completing her education, she attended several master classes to improve her skills, most notably training with Sviato Academy and Katarzyna Teresiak in Poland.

In her salon, they apply Katarzyna Teresiak's softbrow technique for applying permanent eyebrows. This technique provides a natural-looking result, making the eyebrows look beautiful. With the skills she has learned, she offers the best quality. Another technique that is also applied according to the client's desire is ombre powderbrows.

If you are looking for a professional PMU artist who works with care and precision, then Maaike Cecille is the right place for you. Here they stand for quality and service with only 1 goal, a happy customer!

"As a permanent makeup company, we know better than anyone that services are much more than just creating a beautiful look. It can also help solve problems where eyebrows have been lost due to illness, for example. We are proud and happy to help our clients with their personal problems while accentuating their beauty."

-Maaike Cecille



 Gedempte Kattendiep 17, 9711 PL Groningen 

+31 8 521 29 090

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