Euphoria Beautysalon - Merel Steenbakkers

Euphoria Beautysalon, the salon where (s)PMU expert Merel Steenbakkers showcases her craftsmanship. Ever since 2016, Merel has been active in the beauty industry. She started as an all-round beautician, but since 2019 she has devoted herself entirely to creating the most beautiful eyebrows, lips and deepliners. Starting in 2023, Euphoria Beautysalon also offers training for both novice and experienced PMU artists. Ready to take your salon to the next level? Sign up today!

At Euphoria Beautysalon, everything revolves around Merel's greatest passion: permanent makeup. This passion was sparked when she attended her first training at Dmtbeauty in 2019. Just one year later, she was given the opportunity to join the talented team at Dmtbeauty, where she provided clients from all over Belgium and the Netherlands with beautiful permanent makeup. Throughout her career at Dmtbeauty, she was constantly educated and trained by Demet, the owner. This kept her up-to-date in the field. Following training and courses has become a true passion, because at Euphoria Beautysalon they strive for perfection!



 Rector Thijssenstraat 40, 6237 NJ Moorveld - NL
 +31 6 40914014
 Bezoek website

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