Derma Plus Clinic - Derya Altun

Meet Derya Altun, the proud owner of Dermaplus Clinic and a devoted mother of two beautiful little boys, Milan and Eymen.

With a background as a registered nurse from Arnhem, Netherlands, Derya developed a passion for the beauty industry at an early age. At fifteen, she started as a successful Make-up Artist, after which she further specialized in the field. It soon became clear that her passion was her calling.

After earning her nursing degree, Derya decided to work as a nurse in the Netherlands for several years, while at the same time taking international courses to master the intricacies of the profession as a beautician and PMU artist.

In 2013, she started her career as a beautician and still fulfills this role with love and dedication. In 2018, she made the decision to transfer her knowledge and thus Dermaplus Academy was founded.

For more than five years they have been offering various training courses in different treatments, having already had the opportunity to train more than 450 students in the clinic.

"We like to share all the knowledge we have accumulated over the years with our years of experience in the beauty industry. Quality over quantity, at Dermaplus Clinic your satisfaction is paramount and we strive for the best results."




 Staatsbaan 1A, 3945 Ham - BE
 +32 471 69 85 29
 Bezoek website

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