Du Soleil Beauty - Nohemy Delsol

Du Soleil Beauty is a beauty salon and studio specializing in brow treatments, semi-permanent makeup and tattoo removal, located in the west of Schiedam. Du Soleil Beauty aims to accentuate one's natural beauty. By training skilled PMU specialists, the academy aims to continue to raise the quality of the PMU industry in the Netherlands.

Du Soleil Beauty offers high-quality PMU training in various techniques, including Soft and Intense Powder Brows, Lip Blush and Dark Lip Neutralization. In addition, students also learn how to correct any mistakes and perform necessary removals.

The trainings are conducted by experienced practical trainers with medical backgrounds, who communicate at a high level with clients and students on such topics as PMU application, correction and removal, human and skin anatomy and physiology, pigment leather (chemistry), wound care and hygiene (microbiological aspect). The trainings are conducted in groups of maximum 2 students to ensure the quality of the training.

The academy stands out not only for its emphasis on medical knowledge, skills and expertise, but also offers lifetime support after graduation and the opportunity to freelance as a student at Du Soleil Beauty Studio to gain practical hours.

For students looking for complete training that prepares them for all possible situations when performing PMU treatments, Du Soleil Beauty is a wise choice.



 Nieuwe damlaan 836, 3118AC Schiedam
 +31 6 440 65 151
 Bezoek website

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